Certified Nursing Assistant Job Description

Certified Nursing Assistant Job Description

Learn More About Certified Nursing Assistant Job Description (CNA)

Certified nursing assistant (CNA) also referred to as nursing aides, nursing auxiliary, patient care assistant, home health aide, patient care technician is paraprofessionals who assist patients with basic health care needs under the guidance of a licensed practical nurse, registered nurse or other healthcare professionals. Extensive health care training is not required in order to become a certified nursing assistant; these individuals usually have a high level of experience and capability, including manual and interpersonal skill.

According to statistics, 50% of nursing assistants work in residential and nursing care facilities. Others work in home health care services, universities, colleges, state government agencies and development services and research. Certified nursing assistant job description is the same, it does not matter what facilities they are working.

CNA Job Description

Certified nursing assistant performs several duties in healthcare facilities. These individuals are well motivated who love human interaction and have sympathy for others. In many instances, CNA serve as a helpful liaison between the nurses and the patient. They listen to the patient, relay concerns to nurses and take down important notes to make sure that high level of care is provided. Since they are the primary caregivers in nursing homes they can establish close relationships with the residents as compared to other healthcare workers. CNAs are different from medical aides and orderlies. The orderlies are the one responsible for carrying medical equipment and wheelchair issuance. The medical aides perform the same tasks to CNAs, but they don’t certification.

The CNA job requires long hours and several responsibilities, but caring for patients everyday provides some of the best rewards that any profession could offer. Also, the skills you learn to be a certified nursing assistant can mould you for a long term career in the field of nursing.

Here are some of the daily tasks included in the certified nursing assistant job description:

1. Bathe, Dress and Feed Patients

CNA help patients with their everyday needs. Basically, this means assisting them to take a bath, dress them up and help them eat their meals. Some of the patients could be a stroke victim, those who are recovering from an accident, surgeries or injuries in a hospital.

2. Monitor Patient’s Vital Signs

Certified nursing aides are the one responsible for monitoring the patient’s vital signs like temperature and blood pressure. Routine tasks like these are usually the first steps of the patient’s visit to a physician’s hospital or office, which implies the certified nursing aides, has the task of creating a positive impression of the medical team.

3. Fix Beds, Keep Rooms Clean and Serve Meals

In connection with meeting patients basic needs, included in the function of the certified nursing assistant are fixing beds, serving meals to patients and helping clean rooms. It means cleaning out bedpans and replacing soiled sheets. It likewise means having the chance to have regular interaction with patients – the close relationships that can help with patients to recover faster.

4. Prepares medical equipment and provide assistance with some medical procedures

Setting up and storing medical equipment involves preparing tools for the next patient exam or maybe transferring heavy medical equipment from one room to another. Some states allow certified nursing assistant’s who have undergone proper training to help with or carry out some medical procedures, like drawing blood.

5. Receive calls for help and checks any changes in the patient’s behavior or condition

Since CNAs works closely with patients every day, it is their duty to observe any changes in the patient’s behavior and physical condition. The instinct can have great impact on helping patients recover or to undergo treatment with their long term condition.

Certified Nursing Assistants have a significant role in providing quality care for patients. Whether they take a patient’s blood pressure or bring them breakfast in the morning or just listen to the patient it really makes a difference.

Certified Nursing Assistant Education and Training

CNAs are not obliged to have a post-secondary degree; however, they need to obtain a certificate before employment. They should be at least 18 years of age and should hold a high school diploma. Certified nursing aide training usually lasts between six and twelve weeks, depending on the state regulations. Students are taught about the basic nursing principles as well as supervised clinical work. The trainings are offered by technical and vocational schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and community colleges. The training will cover a minimum of 75 hours. Actually, there are lots of nursing homes that pay their employees to take the CNA training, but they need to work for them after completing the program.

Certified Nursing Assistant Certification

Certified Nursing Assistant takes a competency test once they have completed their state-required education. Those who were able to pass the test can apply titles specific to their area. Some states call them as a certified nursing assistant, while some areas simply refer them as nursing aides. Additional requirements may be required by some states, like continuing education and criminal background checks. Other areas may offer certifications for CAN, like the medical assistant certification so they can administer medications to patients.

Work Environment and Schedule

Based on the US federal labor statistics, most of the nursing assistants work in residential and nursing care facilities and 28% of them work in hospitals. The majority of them work full time and maybe at extended hours. Since nursing homes, long-term care and hospital facilities are open all day long; nursing assistants may require to work evenings, weekends and even during holidays.

Average Annual CNA Salary

The mean annual salary of certified nursing assistant is $25,620. This figure is achieved by adding the salaries for 12 months and dividing the value of the total number of employees in the field. Those who fall below in the lowest 10% of all CNA may expect to earn less than $18,300 every year, while others who have more experience in the top 10% may earn $35,330 or higher.

Outlook and Prospects for Certified Nursing Assistant Job

Because of the increasing number of aging individuals, CNAs are in great demand. Actually, from 2012 to 2022, the number of jobs intended for these professionals is predicted to increase by 21% or 312,200 new jobs. This implies that this field is growing in line with, if not faster as compared to other medical professions. People, who are still continuing with higher training most of the time use CNA as their first step in acquiring more experience. Thus, as they continue with their quest in pursuing their degree, they can work at the same time with several medical facilities.

What Are the Factors Affecting the CNA Salary?

CNA plays an important role in the set-up of any type of health care facilities. Their primary job as mentioned above includes helping the patient to bathe, medicate, feed and attend to various needs of the patients on the premises. The jobs are growing as the years pass by but the salaries remain the same. There are several factors that affect the salary of CNA some of which includes industry, location and experience.


It is a common knowledge that the less populated industries have the highest salaries. But, there are lots of positions that require special skills which can only come with experience, including employment in the research, development services, scientific and Federal Executive Branch and a lot more. Fine-tailoring your skills to the demand of the industry can therefore help you get out of the nursing care facility in which you can earn an average annual salary of $24,650 and into a higher paying position.

Experience and Certification

Maybe one of the most important factors affecting the pay of a CNA is experience. This is very true in this profession since carrying out basic duties as a CNA is most of the time seen as a way to get experience in the healthcare industry while you are still having your higher education. Certified nursing assistants with several years of experience can earn over $34,000 per year.

Certification can likewise affect the salary of CNA, but only in areas that require certification. A CNA will always earn a higher compensation. Certification is likewise recommended if you intend on moving to another area and it can help you go further in your career. Being certified is very helpful if you decide to become a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse in the future.


The majority of high-paying areas in the United States are usually found in well-populated states, although this is not always the case. The size of each state varies that translates into higher wages, but New York, Connecticut and Alaska are among the highest paying states for this profession. States with higher numbers of retirees are likely to demand a greater need for CNAs, particularly since over 620,000 people are already employed in this industry and yet, the industry still requires more.

There are several states in the US that pays higher as compared to others. It only means that those who are employed within these areas can expect to have a salary anywhere from $32,000 to $39,000 or even higher. Also, there are several non-metropolitan areas that may hire selected, well-paid CNAs, which means that it is the state and its position in relation to the older population of America that resulted to the development of new jobs.

So, if you are looking for a rewarding job in the healthcare industry, having a career as a certified nursing assistant is a good start. This certified nursing assistant job description article will help you out in understanding the industry.

CNA Salary
CNA Salary – What You Need to Know?

CNA or Certified nursing assistants are paraprofessionals who assist patients with basic health care needs supervised by a registered nurse, licensed practical nurse or other healthcare professionals. Extensive health care training is not a requirement in order to become a CNA, but they have a high level of experience and skills, including manual dexterity and interpersonal skills. Continue reading this article if you want to learn more about these paraprofessionals and CNA salary.

Certified nursing assistants in the US usually work in residential and nursing care facilities. Some works in home health care services, state government agencies, universities, colleges and research and development services.

Average Annual CNA Salary

The median yearly salary of certified nursing assistant is $25,620. This amount is computed by getting the sum of all the salaries within the profession and dividing the total amount by the number of workers in the field. Those who fall in the lowest ten percent of all CNAs are expected to earn less than $18,300 each year, while others with a high level of experience in the top ten percent can expect around $35,330 or higher.

Factors Affecting the Certified Nursing Assistant Salary

CNA plays a vital role in the operation of any type of health care facilities. They help feed, bath, medicate, and handle any other needs of all the patients in the premises. Although there are an increasing number of demands for this paraprofessionals, salaries will depend on other factors like industry, location and experience.

Experience and Certification

Experience is one of the most important factors that affect the salary of a CNA. This is very true in this kind of profession because carrying out basic duties as a CNA is most of the time seen as the way to get experience in this industry while still continuing with higher education. Nursing assistants with several years of experience can earn over $34,000 in a year.

Certification may also affect the certified nursing assistant salary, but only in areas where certification is not a requirement. A licensed nursing assistant normally earns a higher income.


The less populated industries normally provide the highest salaries. But, some positions may require special skills which can only achieve with experience, like research and development services, employment at the Federal Executive Branch, and others.


Certified nursing assistant’s salary may vary depending on their location. There are some states in the United States that offer higher salary than others. Most of the time, these areas that are highly populated offer the highest salary. New York, Connecticut and Alaska are among the top paying areas for this profession. States with higher numbers of retirees are more likely to demand a greater need for CNAs, particularly since more than 620,000 people are already working in this industry and yet, the demand is still higher.

Most of the high paying areas are situated within these states, which means that people employed in these areas can expect to receive salary from $32,000 to $39,000 and more. Also, there are lots of nonmetropolitan areas that also hire a selected few, with higher CNA salary, which means that it is the state and its position in connection to the elderly of America that leads to the growth of new jobs.

CNA Resume

An Impressive CNA Resume

CNA or Certified Nursing Assistant is an authorized nursing expert who helps the registered nurse (RN) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in providing the needs of the patients. With a projected 20% increase in the certified nursing assistant employment in the coming years, a higher number of applicants are expected to apply for the position. Thus, in order to get a position on the said occupation, you must saliently classify yourself from the list of competitors. Creating a proficient CNA resume is an excellent technique of outdoing your competitors. Aside from an impressive introduction of your profile, this document presents the professional side of you before the employers.

The Skill Section of CNA Resume

The skills section is the most important part of your resume. By carrying out a thorough research on the job profile and deeper self-analysis, you can identify the most essential components of your career and that are your skills. Regardless of where you are applying, the recruiters usually check on your abilities and competencies as an applicant.

CNA is one of the most demanded profiles in the medical field. The role of CNAs includes are complex and needs comprehensive nursing knowledge together with an advance temperament to provide the appropriate medical attention to the patients. A CNA should undergo several training sessions and comprehensive professional programs like Certified Nurse Assistant Training, Certified Nurse’s Aide Program, and others. Your CNA resume should provide the best presentation of such credentials, qualifications and most essentially, the skills which separates you from others.

Important Skills that should be Included in your Resume

Now that you have understood the importance of skills in a resume, here are some of the important skills that you should include in your resume.

Technical Skills

a. Your ability in recording vital signs which incorporate body temperature, respiration, blood pressure and pulses
b. Proficient knowledge regarding infectious disorders and basic methodologies employed in controlling infection
c. Comprehensive understanding concerning physiological issues, which include common disorders and functions of body systems.
d. Capability to observe HIPAA/Privacy regulations together with direct patient care functions
e. Capability to ensure personal hygiene and patient safety at all times

Other Skills

a. Sharp eye and the ability to observe patient’s physical and mental health
b. Prioritize work all the time and skills in organizing things and time management
c. Impressive skills in communicating
d. Interpersonal skills like compassion and empathetic care
e. Ability to follow the predetermined protocols

Your CNA resume is the best platform to present your unique skills. Make sure that you use a professional resume format to exhibit your skills appropriately before the reader. Keep in mind that you are competing with thousands of applicants, so make sure that your resume will stand out among the rests. Getting a position in healthcare is not an easy task. They require someone with proper training, impressive skills, in-depth knowledge and experience in CNA. To best way to present these skills to the potential employers is by creating an impressive and comprehensive certified nursing assistant resume.