Cashier Job Description

cashier job description

Short cashier job description

Cashier jobs are considered to be good entry-level jobs, as well as proper solutions for a decent part-time income. Nowadays, there are over 3 million cashier jobs only in US and their number is estimated to grow with over 250,000 until 2020, according to data published by US Department of Labor Statistics. In order to see if you are eligible for such a position in the nearby drug store or grocery store, take a look at the following cashier job description.

The cashier receives money for goods or services purchased in all type of non-financial establishments (stores, gas stations, cafeterias, restaurants, etc.). Specific equipment, such as cash register, electronic code scanner and scales, may be used. The cashier is also responsible for validating checks and operating credit or debit card payments. Returns and exchanges are also on the short list of to dos in any cashier job description.

Regular tasks and responsibilities

Tasks and responsibilities for a cashier vary according to the business type for which the candidate applies as well as to the company’s specific policies. However, there are some recurrent tasks in any cashier job description.

  • Receive money for purchased goods and/or services,
  • Receive checks and process credit or debit cards,
  • Count money at the beginning and end of the shift,
  • Balance the cash drawers, receipts and stocks, finds discrepancies and solves problems associated with it,
  • Keep enough change in cash drawer for an optimal customer experience,
  • Keep non-monetary reports and balances,
  • Welcome clients,
  • Assist customers in locating products at the shelf,
  • Check the stockroom for items which are not/no longer on the shelf,
  • Resolve customer complaints and deals with returns or exchanges,
  • Sign up clients for loyalty programs and credit cards,
  • Check identification papers for products with age restrictions, such as tobacco and alcohol,
  • Keep the area clean, in good order and stocked with everything necessary,
  • Bag, box or gift wrap the purchased items,
  • Offer carry-out services at the end of the transaction,
  • Pay company bills,
  • Cash in the checks from local bank.


Depending on the type of business where cashiers are employed, the work conditions differ. In most cases, cashiers will be required to work in shifts, be available during the weekend and certain holidays. Businesses with a non-stop schedule will require employees to work in late night or early morning shifts.


The applicant must possess a high-school degree or a general equivalency diploma. Math tests may be required by the employer in order to assess applicant’s capacity of money handling and transaction supervision.

Prior education in the sector may prove to be an advantage. However, most of the businesses will provide on-the-job training. Smaller businesses are likely to offer brochures and assign the new employee to an established worker, while larger chains provide extensive training before the work period begins.


Cashiers work directly with the client, therefore proper customer and personal service knowledge occupies top position in our cashier job description. The customer and personal care involves assessing customers’ needs, identify problems and solve them as soon as possible, meeting quality standards services and evaluating customer satisfaction.

The cashier must have solid knowledge of basic mathematics, necessary to accurately calculate the client balance and give change when required, to count the money in cash register and compute and register the transactions effectuated daily and monthly.  Proper language knowledge is also required. Rules of composition, grammar and word meaning are necessary for a flawless speech.

Prior experience is not required, however having previously activated in the retail environment on a similar position (cashier or sale) is a plus.

Personality traits

In order to fit a cashier job description, the applicant must have an open personality, inclined towards people interaction. The ideal candidate must be friendly, ready to answer any type of question which may help clients and have a smile on their faces during work hours. An even-temperate person, able to remain calm in tense situations is preferred, since dealing with unhappy clients may be necessary.