Administrative Assistant Job Description

Administrative Assistant Job Description

The main Administrative Assistant Job Description is to be the manager’s/ senior officer’s right hand; performing a variety of activities which will facilitate a better management of the company. The tasks assigned vary considerably, ranging from meeting and greeting public to keeping financial reports and issuing relating forecasts. It is a dynamic type of job which requires multiple talents and skills. Most often, a note in the administrative assistant job description, positioned at the end of the tasks section will inform the applicant that other, unforeseen activities may appear, in accordance with the manager’s needs.

The administrative assistant attends the manager or senior officer in properly conducting the business/department. Due to the great variety of businesses which require such a position, the tasks and responsibilities vary significantly from company to company. However, there are a number of features which remain constant throughout the different administrative assistant job descriptions. A selection of the duties assigned, as well as the most frequent hiring criteria is presented below for a better understanding of this position.


Regular tasks and responsibilities

• Performs receptionist duties, such as greeting visitors and assigning them to the appropriate staff members, answering and directing phone calls, taking messages when phone routing is not possible, phoning business partners and managing the electronic correspondence, including sending bulk emails.
• Designs, organizes and maintains reports, forms, records and files relating to office management.
• Schedules and organizes meetings, prepares the necessary materials and distributes them before the meeting or/and during it (according to specifications).
• Organizes special events and facilitates registration through appropriate means.
• Keeps mail lists updated and well-structured for easy use
• Makes travel arrangements (book flights, accommodation, meetings, etc.) and organizes guest stays.
• Arranges visas, work permits and other similar work-related documents for employees.
• Manages expenses and pays for office services and supplies.
• Keeps a good collaboration relation with state departments, bureaus, agencies and authorities.
• Maintains a healthy relationship with the business partners.



An administrative assistant works 8 hours, from Monday to Friday; usually from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. Shifts are not encountered in this type of job, neither working during the weekend or on legal holidays. However, extra hours may be required in critical periods of the month/year. The extra hours are usually remunerated accordingly.



The administrative assistant job requires at the minimum a high school degree or G.E.D. equivalent. However, there is a growing trend among companies of requesting university education in their administrative assistant job description. This is a consequence of the increasing competitiveness in business sector. Four years diplomas in business administration or related management fields of study are preferred when choosing the ideal candidate for the job. Job training is usually performed along the way.



Due to their importance in a business, administrative assistance are required a variety of knowledge. A sound understanding of the business for which they work is necessary for accurately performing work-related tasks.

A perfect command of language, both oral and written is compulsory, since they ensure a proper communication with business partners. The ideal candidate must also be familiar with the specific terminology, management vocabulary and business jargon.

Foreign languages are a plus.

Sound knowledge of word and spreadsheet software is necessary.

Additional computer knowledge is a plus.

Persons with previous experience in the domain or on a similar position are favored. In most cases, the administrative assistant job description requires at least one year experience.


Personal traits

The ideal candidate for the job is very organized and can keep the office and adjoining area in good conditions. Furthermore, they can maintain the company’s papers in good order, organized according to subject, date, importance, etc.

An administrative assistant works in stress conditions, therefore coping with pressure and being able to handle tight deadline projects is essential. A good response to working in noisy areas is preferred, since the office is usually located in an open space.

According to any administrative assistant job description, the applicant must be versatile, work efficiently with minimum to no supervision and, at the same time, be able to handle team work each time the nature of their work requires it.

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